Luxurious Detail

The EAR Acute 4 was designed with a beautiful chrome facia made with a high level of precision. Eight polished chromed buttons are directly placed above the solid aluminium disc tray, enabling easy interface access.

Fitting to the design, a calm and soft vacuum fluorescent graphic display indicates player information and includes CD text. Accompanying the unit is a weighty infrared remote control. Built with soft touch rubber for durability and tactility, topped with a luxurious aluminium enclosure allowing for operation of both the Acute and Dac 4.

Accessory for the EAR Dac 4.

The Acute 4 works in conjunction with your EAR Dac 4 for superior Digital conversion.
Find out more about the EAR Dac 4.

Enhanced Audio

The EAR Acute 4 brings the next generation of audio optical disc, Super Audio CD. Complementing the extensive library available with CDs, SACDs provide higher detail recordings to the listener allowing for the best possible experience.

The Acute 4 was designed to be paired with the EAR Dac 4. Utilising EAR’s AcuteLink, the original digital audio read by the Acute 4’s transport, is directly passed to the Dac 4 for processing. A technique that helps remove the need for multiple digital conversions. Leaving the listener with clear audio.


One 5 Pin AcuteLink Output

(Compatibility with EAR Dac 4 only)

One 3 Pin AES Connector

(for service and support only)

Audio Playback

SACD 1 bit DSD, 2.8 MHz, 105 dB,

20 Hz – 50 kHz

CD 16 bit PCM, 44.1 kHz, 90 dB,

20 Hz – 20 kHz

CD Text Display if available

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 7.30kg (16.1lb)

Width: 435mm (17.2”)

Depth: 285mm (11.2”)

Height: 65mm (2.7”)


Power Consumption: 20 watts

240 volt / 110 Volt / 100 Volt

(depending on model)