Pride of Craftsmanship

Encased in solid built construction, to a quality you would expect. Each front fascia is CNC milled for a high level of precision typically associated with finely crafted watches. It’s 10mm thick fascia is hand-finished in flawless chrome and is matched by it’s clutter-free interface. Four gold or chrome finished controls dial in the experience.

We have a heritage of crafting products for more than 30 years and if that wasn’t enough, it’s good to know that its designed and made in England.

Breadth of Capability

Handling a variety of analogue sources, the EAR 868 is designed to be the most capable of analogue pre-amps. With 5 analogue inputs, connect your Hi-Fi to the latest devices, like the EAR Dac 4. Aided further by its studio heritage to bring you a pair of balanced inputs in the form of XLRs, you can connect to a whole host of devices you never thought imaginable.

The additional built-in phono stage in the EAR 868PL edition becomes its own when connecting your pickup. You’ll notice your turntable’s Moving Magnet cartridges come alive with grace and with the addition of a Moving Coil toggle switch, the 868PL can support a wide range of cartridges.

Built on Excellence

Engineered on the same core technologies as the studio grade brother, the EAR 912. The EAR 868’s smaller size may mean theres less of it but there’s nothing less to it. It’s still big on performance with circuitry designed by Tim de Paravicini. The 868 utilises the same reliable PCC88s in a configuration of four.

The carefully built circuit boards enable performance that is low in distortion, low in noise but full of sound. Leaving reliable service that is suitable for high end professional tasks.

Inside Story

Every decision is considered. There’s no power brick. The 868 has it’s own built in power supply that reduces clutter, leaving visible just a single power cord. It’s great for performance too, keeping hum at bay and allowing for the inclusion of a high capacity design.

Both the output transformers and power transformers have been tailored for the 868. Each transformers is hand wound to exacting specifications that ultimately produce it’s exhilarating sound. Design that is intentional and rigorous.


EAR 868L (Line only)

Two PCC88 (7DJ8)

EAR 868PL (with Phonostage)

Four PCC88 (7DJ8)


Signal-to-nosie on Line amp: 90db (1v out ref)

Phono Noise (weighted): -80db (IHF)*

Phono MM Impedance: 47KΩ*

Phono MC Impedance: 4Ω, 12Ω & 40Ω*


Five Line Inputs (RCA)

One Balanced Input (XLR)

Two Ground Terminals

One Phono Input (RCA)

EAR 868L: Line only input

EAR 868PL: Moving magnet/Moving coil


Two Line Outputs (RCA) 5V into 600Ω

Two Balanced Ouputs (XLR) 5V

One Tape Monitor (RCA)

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 10kg (22lb)

Length: 380 mm (15”)

Width: 305 mm (12”)

Height: 100mm (4”)


Total Max Consumption: 24 watts

240 volt / 110 Volt / 100 Volt

(depending on model)

* Only available on EAR 868PL